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Media Importer

Hello World! My name is Media Importer. I am a private development to help you import your photos and videos to your pc with Windows 10, because the well-known tool "Import Pictures and Videos" with Autoplay from Windows 7 was not integrated. I will import the media from Windows removable devices. Due to Microsoft Windows API limitations, it may happen that devices are not found or the import fails. It can help to set "Mass Storage Mode" in camera settings. If this is not possible, the media may import directly from the SD card.

You can do the following things:

  • copy images and videos to your pc (import)
  • start automatically if you connect a device to your pc (Autoplay)
  • optionally set a name for directories and files
  • configure the import directory and filenames
  • configure the deleting of media after import
  • overview of connected Windows removable devices
  • select media to import in preview

If you run into problems, please contact me by my support mail. Please send a problem description, your device, the filetype and a screenshot if possible.

Have Fun :)


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